South Atlantic Shipyard

In Pernambuco, the Abreu refinery Rasp, of Petrobra’s, in society with a state one of Venezuela, capacity to refine 100 a thousand barrels/day of oil weighed, the most produced in the Country. It has, also, recently inaugurated, the South Atlantic Shipyard, the greater of the Hemisphere (they are always bigger, the workmanships of the Government for they) using to advantage it I gush out of incentives of all the levels of Government. Still in the same State, a petrochemical polar region is in ways of being inaugurated, in the Complex Industrial-Port de Suape. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. But ' ' in the Cear in one it has of this no' '. The average shipyard Promar, that was destined to our State, was deviated for Pernambuco, for workmanship and favour of the Mayor of $fortaleza, without clear opposition of the Governor of the State. The President must have been thankful. How much to the tax incentives managed by SUDENE, 2/3 of what it was collected, since the foundation of the Autarchy until its extinguishing for President Fernando Enrique Cardoso, they had been drained for those two States.

The same it occurred with ' ' northeast irrigation ' ' , to the edges of the low San Francisco medium, territory of the Bahia and Pernambuco. in the Cear, that has 97% of the enclosed surface in the Polygon of the Droughts, almost nothing was made. The irrigation, in charge of the DNOCS, was one fiasco, happily complemented for the effort of the State. Unhappyly, the available information, beyond not being enough accurate, are outdated. Thus, we tinhamos, only. 108 a thousand hectares of irrigated fruticultura, in 1996. What it has, in everything this, in favor of the Cear, is the advantages that the Nature offers: excellent conditions of production, proportionate for one low cloudiness, high natural luminosity, high and constant temperature, low relative humidity of air, low natural precipitation and absence of fog and hail. When ssociados to the located water availability, (and we have this in dams) and to the irrigation, these factors allow greater speed in the development of the cultivos, better product quality, minor frequency of attack of plagues and illnesses, of what ressulta one high productivity and offers of fruits the competitive prices.

A correct handling of recursds hdricos, also aid. The biggest incentive to the irrigated fruticultura, in the Cear, is the Port of the Pecm. Before being concluido, what he is being waited for the end of this year, this maritime terminal already is first of the Country in exportation of fruits and the footwear. This why using to advantage itself of one it threshes been road in reasonable of conservation, the fruticultores plan its investments with the attention directed toward the external market. How much to the footwear, one knows that the plants of the South are if transferring to the Cear, atraidas for the incentives of the State and the locacionais advantages of the Port, the next to the Europe and the Coast East of the United States. The occurrence of a feedback process enters the development of the frutilcultura and the performance, excellent, of port infrastructure of the State is reason any person from the state of Cear to believe that this bonmio has a leverage power, such, that is capable to fill, in the near future, the emptiness left for the inertia of the Union.

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