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Poverty is spreading and those who have still enough to live at the end of this poverty line and line up slowly. Those who earn less than 800 euros per month (18% of the population) belongs to the people affected by poverty. Honest 800 euros a month to live, rent, etc., that is not poverty, but almost charm. With these 800 euro, today not even can life in South America decently. What does this tell us? We are with our “Wealth” and “Prosperity” almost at the South American level, and this is not a joke, but a reality. You can describe it another way.

Brazil, a so-called emerging market, has experienced no improvement in terms of poverty, because also there poverty is spreading more and more. No, we have developed a few sleepers down and approaching inexorably Brazilian States in Europe. And this is real, it is a fact. I have almost daily contact through relationship after Brazil, know the country and know what I’m talking about here. The upswing in Brazil has made only very few, individual richer as everywhere, and brought prosperity. Sure, there are people who are blessed with “Wealth” and “Prosperity” in Germany, but it is only a small part of ca. 19% (income over 1,844 euros per month).

Approximately 63% of the working population, as well as retirees and pensioners, or better, the middle class has a monthly income between 860 and 1,844 euro. A child and woman comes here is already in a “scenario” and two children despite child support, you must not do that. So, at about 81% of the population of the Federal Republic of Germany can be wasn’t talking honestly about “Wealth” and “Prosperity”. Wealth and prosperity within the meaning of these words, without quotation marks have only very few people (source of the DIW 2010 figures). Now are the numbers that are not transferable to the EU as a whole, because there are EU countries where have the people of far less income.

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