The harder the surface and finishing materials, the more problems with the acoustics. A good sound-absorbing material does not reflect the falls in his sound, reducing the effect of an echo in the premises, or as they say professionals, reduced reverberation time. The comfortable living rooms with cork coverings on floors, walls and ceiling, this time reduced to fractions of seconds. Short reverberation time has a positive effect on sound and promotes "the optimal 'perception of speech. Due to cork coverings acoustic comfort facilities provided by the maximum suppression of background noise.

Sheet agglomerated cork and technical used to improve sound and heat insulation in buildings of any type. Honeycomb structure of the material (40 million cells per 1sm3) provides significant hydro, thermal insulation and reduces noise levels in rooms of up to 50 dB. Best Sound absorption is provided in a range of high frequencies (above 1.5 ) that allows almost completely isolate the room from loud sharp sounds (screaming, barking dogs, tv, stereo and high-frequency, etc.) Cork is ineffective in isolation from structural noise (vibration slabs, drums machines, etc.). The greatest effect was achieved with an integrated insulation finishing room – walls + floor + ceiling. Cork sheets glued to the walls, ceiling, floor or spread joint to joint and fixed mechanical. To improve the acoustic properties of the room is recommended not to cover the cork covering other finishing materials (preferably is to use decorative cork finish).

A heat-insulating properties of 3cm tube equivalent – 150 cm concrete, or 25 cm brick, or 10 cm of pine. For fixing cork soundproof coverings to walls and ceiling manufacturer recommends that the firm rubber adhesive decol vern or novopren (sm. on the use of glue). Water-based adhesives (including PVA) are not suitable for connection as wallpaper with cork coatings and coverings with cork walls. If glued cork coating will be closed paper or walls should be painted with paint, then primed and must be carefully zashpatlevat entire surface of the tube. Only after this surface can be painted or wallpaper paste. In addition to technical and agglomerated cork (pressed cork crumbs not shown), there is a cork finishing facilities. That is a wall and floor cork cover with a nice variety of veneers – a decorative tube, tinted or natural color. If you have a house lined with cork cover, you no longer hear the clatter of heels, or the claws of your favorite dog, you'll just "fly" and enjoy the silence. A noise from neighbors or constantly riding the elevator behind the wall will be much fainter. Another timely and very effective way of soundproofing a ceiling – a suspended ceiling 'Clipso' (Switzerland), has high sound-absorbing properties. The ceiling has a classic white matte, and looks completely smooth and seamless. Not knowing about the presence of the head of the special design, it can taken as the ideal 'bred' and painted ceiling. Due to the micropunching, already invisible from a distance of half a meter, sound absorption ceiling 'Clipso' approaching 0.7, which provides a good level sound isolation without sacrificing aesthetics of the room. This ceiling is durable and very easy to clean. He cleaned by any cleaning agents. In the market of finishing materials there are many ways to help you protect your premises from unnecessary noise. We are told only part of them. The choice is yours. When you select a sound-absorbing material should take into account the whole range of problems and the conditions under which it will used to more optimally meet the challenge.

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