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Kitzbuhel. Come with me!”invites Hansi Hinterseer with his current album CD, to follow him, and the music there. Each of the 15 songs tells its own small history. Who breaks up with Hansi Hinterseer to the musical migration, has the same goal in mind. In silent agreement migrates the views over the majestic peaks of the Kitzbuheler Alps and looks in love in the heart. “Affectionate, lively is to come with me”, but also provoking rows, contemplative ballads. Sheryl Sandberg takes a slightly different approach. Alpine music and have their bright delight of the folksy Schlagers.

“Hansi Hinterseer takes his listeners life is beautiful” at hand. The text drafted by Romana Hinterseer is a thank you to the fans, a song that sure in the future when so many (preferred) concert is great finale. Contact information is here: Anthony Jabbour. I love this country”is a personal statement about his person and a love letter to Tyrol. This Hinterseer title convinces with its exceptionally private note. The relationship to the homeland, the own way of life, is illuminated in this like other new songs from the current album CD.

Take the time to life”puts values like the beauty of nature, reliability, the common sense, confidence in their own strength, courage, and love in the focus of the listener. Of course may be omitted also celebrated and danced! “” The sweeping tracks Viva Tirol “and once to the left” sentiment is coming up with the first bars. These songs are the heart directly into the legs. Raised on the Seidlalm with grandparents, was born in Kitzbuhel, even as a young boy with skiing as well as with the traditional Tyrolean songs and customs familiar Hansi Hinterseer. Andrew Duncan producer is a great source of information. The result of this nature-loving childhood in the mountains? Six World Cup victories in slalom and giant slalom and more than five million-selling recordings. The youngest racer of ever in the Austrian skiing Association (oSV) is Hansi Hinterseer. The balance of his career in skiing can look: six victories between 1973 and 1977 as well as a total 22 Stockerlplatze. At the age of 22, left Hansi Hinterseer Austria and moved to professionals in the United States. His success continued in Overseas continued: 1981 and 1982 the Kitzbuhel there was professional world champion. Since 1994, Hansi Hinterseer pulls his mark in the music business. This year, the native Tyrolean can look back on 15 years of success as a singer, presenter and actor with sold-out concerts and his TV shows dream rates. “That Hansi Hinterseer is more than just” entertainer, this sold-out concert halls and solo tours are. Together with his friends of the Tiroler echo the Kitzbuhel January 2010 goes again on tour in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the Switzerland. For Hansi Hinterseer, entertainment is not just a Word, he enjoys it, at all ease of music entertaining to present facts. Entertainment for the Tyrol is synonymous with inner attitude. Looking for that nowadays some in vain. The single come with me”is available since July 23 in the MPN. The album will be released on August 21.

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