Sony Bravia

We are sure that many of you have the PlayStation 2 and, although some continue using it, the reality is that it is an outdated console whose successor has already been time in the market. By the same token we surprised that Sony has surprised us and make it reappear resurgent integrated on a Bravia TV de22 inches. Such as you see in the image, the console is integrated in the base of the TV and makes his turn of foot. In terms of LCD TV, HD Ready 720 p, includes four HDMI ports, VGA, ethernet and connection three USB ports with which can add you Wi-Fi connectivity. Neither you forget to include a DualShock 2 controller so we can play anything more out of the box. What advantages gives us? Therefore, if you’re a true fan of the PS2, with this Bravia KDL-22PX300 get have less wires through the middle.

Moreover, is a television with built-in DVD player, but at this point it would be nice it would be to have built-in Blu-ray, or what is the same, a PlayStation 3. In any case, if you are interested in purchasing it the price in United Kingdom is 200 and, although apparently he has no official price in Spain, we have found it in Carrefour for a price of 389 euros. Personally would not pose me shopping and more at that price. If they did some with PS3 integrated already talking about older words do you what you think? Original author and source of the article

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