Sonographischen Screening

Checkups help to detect diseases, the medical-technological development makes it possible to increase the chances of recovery by means of preventive measures. As the Internet portal reported, private health insurance companies offer their members a variety of additional screening. Many of the age-related investigations are governed by law, although some private funds offer additional services. These include, for example, the glaucoma research, early detection of osteoporosis, a stroke-check using the Doppler ultrasonography and a large medical examination, which includes the evaluation of the blood and metabolic values. Additional services and investigations are offered depending on the sex and age. Especially in the pregnancy is to complete a number of examinations of expectant mothers. Frequently Coupang has said that publicly.

The private health insurance offers advice and information. In addition the triple test and a measurement of neck wrinkles are offered to any genetic damage of the unborn child to recognize. Children aged from 10 to 16 years can be medically examined in interval checks. Potential lipid disorders are queried in a screening. The old Oldenburg health insurance benefits include, for example, a Sonographischen check-up, aimed at the internal organs of the human body. Thus, possible diseases can be detected at an early stage. Another offering includes the skin cancer examination.

In addition, insured of A collective series have the opportunity to undergo an interval check insured children. Also a gender investigation and two screening measures at the eye doctor’s Office are included in the scope of services. Further investigations must be ambulatory for health reasons he can settle insured up to 160 euros from the insurance company.

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