Solar Decathlon Europe

The solar house of the Berlin students is almost ready and will take his journey in June 2010 after Madrid. “Berlin, April 30, 2010 if you currently build a solar house as a student in Berlin, then one with great probability of living EQUIA team”. Since about 1 half years working students of architecture, renewable energy and Economics at a residential building that produces more energy than it needs. “In the framework of the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe” will team in Berlin in early June to travel to Madrid with his finished House and spread there a jury and the public present. “Last Thursday visitors at the big open day were able to” of the Berlin solar house already gain a first impression and together with the team of living EQUIA “, his sponsors and University representatives celebrate the inauguration. A comprehensive programme with home tours, lectures, solar boat trips, a sponsors exhibition, a power circuit and the cinema film The 4th revolution energy autonomy”rounded out the day on the campus of the HTW in Oberschoneweide. In the coming two weeks, made the last entry and expansion work on the House and the technology test performed one of the most important milestones.

Here is whether the theoretical models of students in practice work and properly communicate with the systems in the House show up. Dismantling and packaging of all modules, equipment and furniture must be completed by the beginning of June 2010, because then goes the House on trucks loaded on the trip to the competition final to Madrid. Only 10 days, the Berlin team is living EQUIA”rebuild the solar house of the Rio Manzanares and measure themselves by the Tuesdays until June 27, 2010 with 19 other international participants in 10 different disciplines. We wish you very front with to be, where we have not only the aim to occupy the first place in Madrid. N of first line is important to us that we can build the House in Madrid working condition and we as a team this challenge master. “, so Martin Hofmann team Berlin living EQUIA”. More information to the House, the team and the competition available on living EQUIA.

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