SOGC Market

Ideal for the acquisition of new customers for the use of market changes and to the complete credit care 30 000 start-ups, 300 000 changes, 740 000 companies and 5.0 million people are published annually in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC). A huge potential opportunities for all production and service companies with business ties in the Switzerland. deMavis daily all messages provides you automatically on your PC. A user (management, finance, marketing) by an individual search query can filter gun insight through third parties, its relevant information. And deMavis returns the result worked up and structured on the screen. No other vendor can this and thanks to flat rate and local data storage, the use for the user is unlimited.

Security for your processes deMavis based on a one way communication technology. The messages of the SOGC (new registrations, mutations, bankruptcies, deletions, debt collections, calls to creditors and all other bankruptcy – and) SHAB-Notizen) are the customers every day in the morning on his computer loaded automatically. Sensitive customer data never leave the computer of the customer. There is no Datenweiter gift to a third party. Completeness is security as a perfect weather radar reports on deMavis, where the Sun is shining in the economic sky Switzerland and dark clouds. All market participants (in the EHRA) can be monitored via the push of a button.

A good reputation, which has been built up over years can be destroyed in a few minutes. DeMavis this is avoided thanks to the holistic proactive screening. Ease of use and integrative use makes deMavis unmatched installation is carried out by means of click-once technology and the software-update’s and SOGC notifications are automatically loaded. Thus the user can fully concentrate on the use. Thanks to local storage on the computer, the messages available in unlimited form available. So avoid dependencies and waiting times. With a completely new search technology, a user can be quite selectively filter its individual target groups and regions or territories set up on the place. Detached from the network the results of searches in real time on the screen will be shown. Attract new customers take advantage of market changes relations maintain daily or over a freely selectable period targeted potential new customers from the market entries are filtered and stored in the local IT-structure. DeMavis-monitor who enters newly you their competitors in the market, they make what changes and who leaves the market (new customer potential). Monitors ex-customers, staff and ownership changes can they be won back. Monitors suppliers, learn you in time who newly as a potential supplier in the market occurs. Although not with any new potential customer or supplier directly a business relationship is opened, it is so important that information to have. Test deMavis free of charge and without obligation.

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