The views of people in many shapes society. People have on each other's undeniable influence, but what is the most – even more so. But just look at those people who are referred to as "normal people" (Cells are the majority), and you can cry bitterly about the fact that not all of them feel the reality and has another purpose, which would like to "abnormal" according to the laws of society people. Teens think about how quickly lose their virginity, their parents, "plow" at work and live in that are eager to have more money, and the old regret that achieved nothing and had not "live" in the fullest sense of the word. Very-very-very simple example that proves that the majority of blind and ostrich, it's fashion. There is a mod on anything, and people were running after her like a dog for the stick, drawing a lot of people yet, and it all turns into a "flow." As if in people's minds rage "Instinct cloning" and the desire to be one of the world … man addicted to all that he offered to his surrounding people.

Whether it's bad habits, "graft" will, perhaps religious beliefs … All brought from society. Desire to move forward, to live for career advancement and for approval of a number of those with whom one lives … nvestors describes an additional similar source. of course, not everyone can do something "out of the ordinary," an absurd, skilful, perfect, the right only to the creators or the person who hired him. But there is something that is given to everyone – thinking, choice, freedom.

You can say goodbye to this part, joining the majority, because immediately appear, who will be glad to to subjugate. Depravity and what can be called just mud, was the fact that is inevitable in most cases. Someone can not refrain from addressing violence, someone changes his wife, someone betraying a friend, someone kills his brother, who is lying and does not notice. So whether it should be? After all, we probably will not for eating and bowel movements are born, you see? And any new brains in a society ruled by the majority of dirty, and subordinates, as if imperceptibly it did not happen … The finish.

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