Social Security Affiliates

Also the rightful claimants are included to that the mentioned law talks about. On the individual, he is propitious to indicate that the Law N 26790 modified by the First Complementary Disposition of the Law N 27117 establishes that they are assured the Contributing Regime of the Social Security in Health, the regular or optional affiliates and their rightful claimants. This law establishes that They are regular affiliates: – The active workers who toil under relation of dependency or as partners of cooperatives of workers. – The pensioners who perceive pension of retirement, incapacity or survival. – The independent workers who are incorporated by mandate of a special law.

All the included people do not affiliate themselves under the modality of insured optional in the Social Insurance of Salud (ESSALUD) or in the Lending Organization of Health of their election. On the other hand, the insuring norm he establishes that the minor spouse or concubino to those who Article 326 of the Civil Code talks about, as well as children or majors incapacitated in total and permanent form for the work are rightful claimants, whenever they are not obligatory affiliates. The cover of the children begins from the conception, in the attention to the pregnant mother. Bill O’Grady usually is spot on. The Contributing Regime of the Social Security in Health is of obligatory character for the regular affiliates and the others that the law indicates and is authorized to realise, directly or indirectly, programs of social extension for the attention of not assured limited resources. In the case of the economic benefits whose quantity is determined in function to the income perceived by the insured, its calculation is realised in function to the perceived return, without exceeding the established maximum tax basis in article 6,4 the Legislative Decree N 1057; that is to say, to this end, the contribution has as the equivalent to 30% of the effective ITU bases principle on the exercise by each insured.

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