Social Recruitment – HR Recruiting In Social Media

What is online recruiting and how does it work? As the term of the recruitment already suggests, involve the recruitment of social recruiting. The difference to the traditional application and selection process is that this brand new and innovative form of human resource recruiting using social networks for online advertising. Employers, recruiters, agencies and companies new ways and strategies found, how they can achieve matching candidates about social media. For this purpose there are special recruiting software applications, which assist users, to discover suitable candidates in the world wide web. How HR in the social networks? The speech on the media is one for one to the recruiting, but also targeted advertising measures or the tender vacancies fall in this context. There are various recruiting tools that optimize the matching between job offerers and job seekers.

According to jobvite () used this style of recruitment by 90% of employers. In the year 2012 provided more than seven out of 10 business owners (73%) with success a candidate through social media. According to this trend, it can be said that this trend is always more to a standard. Are which social media channels used for recruiting? Basically, all commonly used networks are used for the purpose of human resources recruiting. The big three”represent in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn however is one of the most used websites, then comes Twitter and Facebook followed. In addition to the three major social networks but also XING and Google + will be used on the part of companies and candidates.

To point out is that not only the business owner will benefit from the social recruiting. The applicant use the form to the same extent, because about 86% of the active and passive job seekers have a social profile in one of the mentioned network and know how to use this (). All in all the advantage of the online recruiting is, that they be used by a large part of the population is because it’s free are accessible and available everywhere and the employers specifically can use those seekers for their interests. Contact: Boostpark GmbH co / starting place of Annika Lahnor corporate communications In the 5 d-50670 Cologne media Park

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