Social Media Marketing: Basics For Entrepreneurs

The workshop will be August special for only 99,-in the Imperial City of Aachen on August 29, 2011 at our premises “social media marketing: Basics for entrepreneurs” instead. To ensure sustainable success, the maximum number of participants is six persons – from three participants of the workshop will be held. Under the motto “Basics for beginners” Rebecca Belvederesi chef Christian will enter shrinkage on the workings and mechanisms of social media and show ways how you can use social media for their business success. Starting from the basics and facts, which are necessary for the understanding of the subject matter and demonstrate the range of social media, is entered on different strategic objectives. This means: you want to win new customers or retain existing customers through loyalty management? First to establish a need to burnish the image of your company”or it? Just as you can social media as well as for the recruitment of employees or the Product development opportunity – as you see, are the very diverse! After the bandwidth of any strategic objectives is staked, be single social media platforms more “under the microscope” and discusses advantages & disadvantages of this, for different sectors and objectives. Because we take into account whatever knowledge of the participants at our events, we will explain some of the basic workings of various social media provider if necessary. The focus of the workshops are in corporate blogging, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the social media newsroom. In addition, we will discuss the future of social media marketing: location-based recommendations and promotional marketing (location based services) on the example of foursquare. In short: the workshop is used to identify the individual potential for your company and holistic approach to bring you to the topic of social media marketing. The workshop will (Theaterstrasse 83, 52062 Aachen on August 29, 2011 from 17: 30-21:30 in our premises) at the unique price of 99,-instead.

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