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INFOGRAPHIC: many legal grey areas lurk in the Haftungsdschungel of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Rattling belongs to the craft, it said earlier. “” Today it means: with Twitter, show your face and present videos on YouTube belongs to the business. Who fired all channels in times of Web 2.0, reaches the target group with its content short and attracts the attention. But woe to it shall be given that who, like the sorcerer’s apprentice in Goethe’s famous poem which can no longer hold up the spirits that he called. Because as quickly uploaded content on the social network are so quickly also copyright, personality, name, trademark, competition and licensing rights can be violated. When questionable content with dangerous momentum spread uncontrollably in the Web, even the principal is liable at the end of the social media marketer, agency or in the worst case. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tremor International by clicking through.

Image damage and loss of revenue are then inevitable. Who, when, where, how, what may, is not always clear: In the Haftungsdschungel of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter lurk many legal grey areas. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. Risks in Haftungsdschungel Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & co some examples: who post links on Twitter or Facebook, can be liable for it. Because: With the proliferation he has made in the worst case even undesirable, illegal content on the World Wide Web scattered their contents its own themselves and thus also fired. Official site: Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate. This also applies to Retweets on Twitter.

Videos that be included as an additional optical highlight on the homepage (via the embedding function) are also problematic: also here apply same strict regulations, such as for other links. It can be really expensive, the social media marketer uploads a video, without previously obtaining a corresponding usage rights: if copyright and personality rights are violated, it goes to the purse strings. Then the social media marketer or agency is liable high compensation sums included. Also in the most popular social media site on the World Wide Web, marketers can quickly into the right trap Tap: who is not exactly, for example, when a competition on his fan page on Facebook to the terms and conditions, which threaten legal consequences or the blocking of the account. If the user on the Facebook fan page post then still illegal contents such as insults or copyrighted images, it is also the operator, can be taken for this claim including costs of cease and desist letters and omissions at the end. Acting, rather than respond: crisis communication and a Web 2.0-friendly protection the samples have shown the cheerful twittering and Geposte can be as fast in the social network the bitter seriousness. If a social media campaign goes wrong, only the crisis communication helps. And this communication on all channels from the customer to the user or the entire community. According to the motto: be professional and transparent. Risk management is an important keyword. Also includes, to insure against all risks from the outset. Because even the best crisis communication offers no protection, If it’s the nitty-gritty when it comes to liability issues. All-round protection offers a Web 2.0-friendly professional indemnity insurance media liability also called. It assumes the costs for the defense of unjustified claims, cease and desist letters, cease and desist, or orders, as well as for the professional claims. The successful B2B and B2C communication on the World Wide Web nothing through the stands.

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