Soap Invitation Meet

Naturally, for convenience, I will explain in Russian. Go events-x Select the language. Normal registration (as well as without it) – because you will send the soap message. You can find people to come, or will refuse to come to your birthday or wedding, you can see it even opened a letter sent by you, etc. Well logged in as user and once you have been offered the "Create Event" Write the example: Once again I want to marry (not Gd forbid of course). Push Create button. In the event list will automatically add the entry with the name of our holiday, and it serves us well. We press on this line and we get inside And then not even grow grass.

Want to add 3 million visitors (the main thing that brought envelopes) – please, we press on the "Add Guest" and get a pop-up window are making money, oh sorry, soap, name, can be added separately for each partner, to each front unsubscribe: only one will come or all children. Then again think about it, not the "Delete" for me from the guest list of his nasty wife or husband's annoying. Click "Save." And there we have the invitation in its simplest form. Nadobavlyali missing guests, and not hesitating, but because he will not give up awkwardly, as in a normal conversation on the phone they say, has to this date there are 3 weddings and all of the siblings, although he had only one sister. He himself quietly presses to failure, and you'll feel yourself calmly and not think, but why did he not come and it would be better not cheat, but honestly, etc.

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