Smoking – the common way to harm their health for their own money, but from this bad habit not only affects the lungs and heart, but also appearance. A smoker will certainly spoil the color of skin, bad breath and teeth. Smoking is definitely spoils the oral health, which contributes to the intensive development of oral diseases. Cigarettes can make beautiful and attractive smile young girl in an unpleasant and repulsive sight, because when smoking the horrifying attack on the teeth, which can not be removed simple brushing. Plaque is an excellent foundation for the formation of tartar, which means, at least, the need for systematic visits to the dentist's office for the expensive and uncomfortable procedure for its removal. Tobacco smoke makes the blood flow to tissues, which makes the process of healing any wounds and injuries over a long and complex. But it is perhaps not the worst of his property, because it promotes the formation of cancerous tumors of the respiratory system and oral cavity. Just think whether you need such problems for your own money!.

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