Smart Houses

Sooner or later, everyone comes to the conclusion that it would be nice to build your cottage. A couple of the family nest where the young and happy children will be ripped off wild apples in the garden and the long winter evenings to listen to your tales by the fireside. Cottage – not a bad thing. But like every thing requires serious investment in the establishment phase, and subsequent periodic infusions for the maintenance and improvement. Cottages, as well as people who do not like each other.

Cottage may called log halabuda last century, with later add-ons, which burn and feel sorry for, and complete construction of the forces do not have any. Another cottage will look like an exact copy of a Bavarian castle of xvi century, or even to remind ufo. Then a matter of taste, imagination and budget. What will be your home – it's only you, but to draft a cottage should be approached extremely carefully. Pre-generated thorough house design will save you time and money on the stages of construction, and will guarantee a long and happy stay in the future. At the design stage, should be integrated into the house as the available quantity of modern engineering solutions, not forgetting the traditional systems and networks, as emergency. Modern technology is not always durable, and loves to break down.

This should be considered. On the other hand, it is nice to know that your smart house got twice as warm, comfortable, cheaper and more economical than the neighbor. The concept of 'Smart House' was born in the 70's of last century, all based on one principle: – maximum savings. In the beginning, the system of 'smart house' control costs of electricity and could automatically turn on and off the light. Today, hundreds of decisions, tied into one system, and allows not only save on electricity, but also to improve your home security and ergonomics. System of 'smart home' united on the principle of 'one button' and fastened into a single network, based on safety, comfort, and unobtrusive, cost and automation. The cost of these projects starts from 10 thousand dollars, and turnkey solutions for example with a built-pyleuborochnoy system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The very classical building is also very costly enterprise. But going to the construction of the head, you can save on building materials. For example, today there are more than three different environmentally-friendly and inexpensive building materials, from which we can make the exterior walls and floors the house of your dreams: – that porous concrete, and glass bricks, and logs, and even finished composite panels made to suit your floor plan. Selecting modern building materials, you save up to 60% of the value of the classical. Modern cottage must be warm and durable building. It must quickly be erected and to be the least expensive. Its contents should be kept to a minimum, and the level of living comfort to the maximum.

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