Sky Football Fans

Sky Germany continues to expand its monopoly dominance by Sky Germany regarding the live transmission of football matches is continue unabated. With the expiry of the television rights of Deutsche Telekom for the transmission of matches of football Bundesliga at the end there is a sky alternative of less. The article is about the lack of competition, the German soccer fans to Sky continues to boost the dependency ratio. Two years ago, a judgment of the European Court of Justice had been the monopoly of sky (formerly Premiere) in Germany in the. The judgment said that the exclusive marketing of television rights in professional football is not right and football fans an alternative to Sky could be offered with the use of European channels.

Trigger for the verdict had been an action of the English pub owner Karen Murphy, partout not with expensive offerings from a British pay TV provider wanted to settle and has searched for alternatives. On dependence on German football fans of sky has become Since then, however, nothing changed. By a vibration of the sky monopoly no trace. On the contrary: the theme of sky alternatives from abroad seems to be shelved. The sender wrote both in the 2.als also 3.Quartal 2012 for the first time in years operating in the black. Enjoy sky could also to a strong customer growth of 42% to 2011 and low cost for the television rights. Sky Germany end of 2012 has been 3,363 million subscribers.Also on the stock exchange, sky Germany looks better. After the stock was fallen after the ruling in the fall of 2011, she recovered continuously and recorded a peak in January 2013 since 2008. How is this turnaround? Foreign sky alternatives worth not even though theoretically seen, football fans who could watch Federal League also on foreign channels reality speaks a significantly different language.

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