Sir Winston

In 1911 he became Secretary of the Navy (in the English political vocabulary, this title was – First Lord of the Admiralty) and since then actively participates in the global political game In the first months of his tenure He examined all the mooring in the uk, has learned the names of many officers who took over the rule put in your dining room table of seafarers of all ranks and grades. Many senior commanders did not like the First Lord Admiralty is constantly coming down on the lower deck and clearly wants to break the caste caste walls. Even before the outbreak of war with the Germans, Churchill took care of that naval aviation performed the tasks of not only intelligence, but the bombardment of the enemy. In 1913, the stocks of one of Britain's shipyards came the world's first aircraft carrier 'Hermes'. If you would like to know more then you should visit Scott Kahan. By the summer of 1914 the Royal Navy had nearly a hundred planes, avoiding the quality and quantity of aircraft other countries. At a meeting of cabinet ministers, he proposed 'sheathe the steel sheets tractor to a few people could hide in the woods and cross the no man's band. " Having bought his own money about a dozen tractors, Navy head commanded to sheathe them with steel plates and began to experience this innovation in secrecy in the estate of the Duke of Westminster. So on this armor Combining with the end 1918 posts of Defense Minister and Minister of arms and ammunition, Sir Winston did a lot for the organization of intervention and assistance to the white armies.

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