Sigrid Granitzer

Email marketing has changed. How is it strategy with your email? emarsys 2011 published the practical guide to email marketing. The current white paper describes changes that brought the year 2010 for email marketing, and analyzes key factors are shaping email marketing in the year 2011 and shape. Practical examples of the reader shows how new application possibilities can be used and implemented efficiently. Email marketing is changing. New email regulations about the rise of smartphones, the insertion of Facebook messages and the increasing importance of social email marketing.

These and other milestones show that email marketing has evolved further, and most email marketing mechanisms of in recent years, are now long obsolete. To be able to withstand the ongoing changes, also the email marketing must evolve continuously strategies of advertising companies. The practical guide to email marketing 2011 “are under other tips for successful linking E-Mail with social media, the effective use of trigger and lifecycle campaigns and describes what factors in addition to opening and click-through rate will be important in the future for the measurement of success in email marketing. In addition, the practice guide offers solutions as, despite the ever-increasing flood of information, through an intelligent and integrated use of multiple online channels, marketing messages successfully to the customer penetrate. For more information, see directly in the white paper practice guide for email marketing 2011 “, which can be requested free of charge under the following link: u/register.php… For more information, please contact: Sigrid Granitzer

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