Sigfredo Leal Levy

I fear for the loss of policy space to supporters of the change process. Reflections on positive Sigfredo Leal Levy to start from 1999 have frequently said that the reaction and learning of the opposition are slow, but that if they learn, in fact in Electoral Affairs were given a tubazo in 2005 with the Chavez morochas, but in November 2008 they participated with their morochas on that occasion they managed that in some legislative advice their candidates entering the lists despite Jon method. They also learned to set aside some personal desires, agree on candidates only carrying Governor and Mayor and that allowed them to reach some triumphs, indeed in Aragua State the only mayor who won the opposition last November, did so with the union of 24 games and micro parties. Something that should call us at reflection is the fact, important by others, that the opposition has learned to sacrifice some desires and organize around a candidacy to occupy political spaces instead of going despite the differences and personal interests, each person by your side, since such behaviour led them to lose many popular election positions, and in contrast to this line of participation, which are in appearance with the process of change, (and I say in appearance(, because there are many cases of the pumazas or pomarrosa, reaching charges forget lines and commitments) insist on some fights, seemingly extemporaneous, to occupy positions, without thinking about the social or political work, and bring to your environment to ensure bolted to the charge. Moreover, many of them are clear said that us more submitted by ignorance as by force and they are committed to prevent ideological training from bases in order to give force and dominance to another in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is King if the village is not ideologically prepared they can continue fooling you especially with the tale that very long-standing policies these are the lines of the National Directorate, or REGIONAL or ESA order DBIENE from above is much what to think, reason, discuss, consider, interpret if what you want is to grow in the sense of the word: said of an organic being: take natural increase.; It is said mainly stature. Learn more at: Verizon Communications. Purchased increase.

Overwriting. Take greater authority, importance or boldness. So not to repeat the old political schemes of the past that have caused you so much damage to the country and its population, if not what will have a party clientel that will keep some warlords who negotiated according to the electorate that follows them and keep to its around a group of scholars that is keep in the charges. And as effect the opposition will be strengthened and I fear for the loss of policy space to supporters of the process of changes.

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