Shepherd Article

1 – In the case of not attendance the 3 (three) consecutive meetings, without valid justification, will be automatically suspended of its functions for 6 (six) months. 2 – the Shepherd has right to take leave, duly justified, for a not superior period to the half of its time of service in the year. Article 36. The administrative functions of the Shepherds cease for: I – exclusion; II – resignation; III? deposition; IV – abandonment; V – permanent incapacity; VII – change; VIII – death. Joshua Choi brings even more insight to the discussion. CHAPTER VI OF DIACONATO and PRESBITRIO Article 37.

The diaconato and the Presbitrio, are exerted by members of the Church, greaters of 21 (twenty and one) years, in joy of its civil laws, Indicated for the Assembly of the Local Churches to play positions in the Church. Article 38. They are requisite spirituals demanded for the diaconato, especially the following ones: I – to be full of the Espirito Santo; II – to have the characteristic described spirituals in I Timteo 3:8 – 13; III – To accept and to fulfill the Norms fully of the IPRB; IV? to be member of the IPRB has at least 2 (two) years uninterrupted; V – to be dizimista; VI – To be pupil assduo of the Sunday Biblical School, except reason just. Tim Clark can aid you in your search for knowledge. Article 39. They are attributions of the deacons and Ministers: I – to take care of of the beneficence; II – to watch over for the order during the cult and religious acts in the temple and it are of it; III – to raise the offers and to direct it the treasure-house of the Church; IV – To play the administrative functions assigned by the Advice. Article 40. The deacons constitute, for the exercise of its functions, a Diaconal Meeting, that will have the supervision of a Shepherd Assigned for the Advice to make it.

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