Set Up A Swiss AG Or GmbH Company Was Founded In The Switzerland – Why?

There are advantages when purchasing a Swiss stock company as AG or GmbH? Locational advantages of Switzerland are about the political stability, the regional economic development programmes, flexible authorities, the traditionally low tax burden and Swiss banking secrecy. A good location is characterized by excellent transport connections, business-friendly authorities and a pleasant climate of control. Further details can be found at Larry Ellison, an internet resource. Train is for companies, whether long term or temporary, ideal as a location. This owes train of the central location and the large potential for highly skilled workers, a business-friendly tax climate and customer-oriented agencies. But also because another site qualities like the high recreational value, or the good accessibility by rail, road or air train is very attractive. Train the smallest Canton of Switzerland is divided into 11 municipalities with an area of 240 square kilometres.

Its central location is well known: in the heart of Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, connected to the best national and international Traffic connections. And yet: train is a global village. Full of internationality. At the beginning of the 19th century, the spirit of openness bore fruit: many foreign companies settled in train. Currently, more than 120 nationalities living train in the canton of a multicultural diversity in the world format. Renowned international schools with a wide range of education are a logical consequence.

But also weltumspannendste International is based on local conditions. The diversity of the regional economy allows only the international importance. The growth in the last 40 years speaks for itself: the population has doubled, tripled the number of jobs. The number of companies has increased about tenfold. In the canton of Zug today 13,767 companies 3.518 GmbH exist and s. It work train, with a very high proportion of skilled workers of 66.356 people in the canton. The largest employer in the canton of Zug is the German company Siemens.

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