Selling Marketing Courses

Question: who sell a TV? Correct answer: anyone question: who does sell a hat? Correct answer: anyone question: who does sell a Chair? Correct answer: anyone question: who do sell a marketing course online? Correct answer: a person who wants to have a business on the internet. As you can see, the first three objects we sold are products that are consumed by the masses, i.e., by any person. However, the fourth element which we try to sell not we can offer it to anyone because really we will fail. Imagine that you put a banner ad on a web page of news. You put a banner for the TV, one for the hat, one wheelchair and one for the internet marketing course.Which of the 4 have the fewest number of clicks and sales? Correct answer: in the course of internet marketing. Why? Simply because the audience that comes in a news page if it is large is also very diverse, i.e. it is massive. And what is the problem with that? The infoproduct business online are niche and Micro niches, not of mass.

Do be read well? Seriously, copy that phrase, paste it into a document, print it several times and stick it in the fridge, on the door of your room, on the monitor of your computer, on your cell phone, in front of your partner, wherever!, but that that phrase never forget. And let me tell you again: the infoproduct business online are niche and Micro niches, not masses. Now, let me explain myself better. Need to sell digital courses on the internet (better known as infoproduct) offer them in themes really specific, otherwise, the possibilities that you have decided are really of a 95%. Why? Because to sell online you need to reach out to an audience that has a serious problem, a serious wound, something you want to solve urgently, so that You can really achieve a good number of sales.

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