This article is a response to the question of reducing the motivation and the internal resistance, which occurs at a certain time to achieve personal goals. If this happens to you, in this article, you will find answers to Some important issues that could arise in your process of working on your goals. It has recently become very popular to visit a variety of trainings and seminars on personal development or individual to engage with experts in the field of self-realization and achievement of goals. It is believed that the development and personal growth – it is a positive process and should bring a man of deep inner satisfaction that will motivate him to further steps towards self-development. However, it often happens that after a while people begin to experience inner discomfort, reduced motivation, loss of interest in further work on yourself, and sometimes growing crisis precisely in the area of life, for which it is all done. If this happens to you, then it is likely that you ended up in the most insidious trap of self-development. Insidious trap of self-development. Point is that improving myself as a person, a person is so passionate about the changes in his inner world that he forgets about the need to transfer a new awareness of themselves and the events of his life in the material world. That is, an inner sense "I now understand?," I see now?, "I am a different person now …" can not be expressed in concrete actions to change the material reality.

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