Self-confidence – An Analogy

How does self-esteem – as an analogy to the computer of the computer moves more and more to the fore in today’s society. On the basis of its effective way an analogy to the self-confidence can be draw. Oracle gathered all the information. It now awaits you a slightly different perspective of self-confidence! I’ll to the body, spirit and soul and body, mind and sense of use, programs, hardware and the user as an analogy and explain their interaction in this respect. Amazing how a computer is similar to the confidence of the people. THE programs the mind is similar to the programs of the computer. On the computer, certain programs are installed on which you can rely. Also, let the programs uninstall or reinstall.

It is only necessary that you are to ever first aware of the programs and know where they are. Most of the programs is “installed” in the first seven years of a human. Quasi by you look down at your parents and “you download their programs”. This is quite handy because in this way you will learn relatively quickly to the world to cope and to adjust to the conditions and expectations of others. In this short period, the origin of your self-confidence is so developed. The process here is of course completely unconscious, the mind has to mature for once. In the youth age at the earliest, people develop the first truly conscious thoughts. The brain is fully mature then only 25! And quite many people are didn’t even realize is they live in her life just after what they have learned without having to look whether they actually want to live at the time. It is distance lived just as it has been prescribed by them and their programs play back repeatedly. It is the programs whether they are usable, narrowing or even self-destructive it doesn’t matter, they just work.

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