Security Professionals

“You don’t come in here’ the perfect outfit for security forces at you not coming here” for security forces at Westhausen, choose the perfect outfit, who in may, placing drunks and brawlers mercilessly on the road. And they broadcast this special power because their toned bodies, their cool sovereignty. To this certain aura which instills easily respect and holds together so each party to point out a single, functional outfit should not be missed. In the new online shop Securitywelt of EStores GmbH under can be ordered this now easily and inexpensively with just a few clicks. “CAP, sweatshirt, security pants or shorts with many extra bags and mounting options for the equipment: we become a security forces from head to toe”, according to EStores – Managing Director Armin Trunk. Also on offer: bulletproof vests. They are comfortable to wear without hindering and especially robust.

Every security professional should be even better with a stitch vest with an at least key inhibitory vest,”trunk advises. In the event of an emergency, it protects his own life. “Also a wind – and weatherproof jacket is part of the basic equipment of door risers and co.: our customers can choose for their security team for the jackets as well as at the other offerings between different models”, trunk added. Applies color: black is beautifull. Some articles already have the logo of security as standard”, in T-Shirts the customer can freely for or against a signature decide and choose themselves. Your own logo of the Securityunternehmens are no problem”, so trunk. In addition to the right outfit, companies for their security forces can order also additional equipment quickly and easily at there are lamps as well as multimedia tools, belt, handcuffs and self defense products. Small treat on top of it for Army-fans: we have a small but fine selection of outfits in army look put together”, informs trunk.

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