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Auction site is aimed at men and women Berlin, may 28, 2010 – is a German penny auction site that will be launched on June 15, 2010. The operators of the site want to offer consumers a hand picked range of luxury goods, as well as current trends. The site for the first time addressed to both sexes, because both women and men when his & creating at their own expense. On June 1st 2010, an online gender battle is therefore still before the actual launch of the website on his & hers”may take place, in which user the better bargain hunters who, here, of course, men and women face off. The penny auction site was born out of the idea his & hers, to offer customers not only amazing savings, but also fun to participate in.

What is the, a penny auction? In Germany, they are also referred to as experience auction”known. The offers are to top brand merchandise. Bids have a low starting price, where each bid the price of it following bids increases. Also, the countdown is extended by seconds, where the auction period is not set before. Only when the countdown expires without increasing someone quickly before the bid, the last bidder is awarded. Most users are increasingly engaged in questions that revolve around security and integrity.

Security is written quite large at his & hers. Auctions start at 0, 00an here and increase per bid only by 0.01. There is also a cash-back system. The bidder, which has not won Gets a certain number of bids again credited with on his account. Also, customers have the opportunity again to return purchased items within four weeks. You can buy an article, if it has previously won the auction. Bid packages are excluded. Emphasis is on trend products the entrepreneur couple Daniel and Maren Thater, brought both extensive commercial experience from their respective core business and transferring this knowledge to the site.

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