Second World War

In addition to the direction of traffic, the national currency with the unprintable symbol, double-decker buses and the lack of license plates on houses in London is full of surprises, pleasant and not. The buildings on one side of the road may be both even and odd. Those who have a European residence, still laid visa and do not put tax free. The ceilings are often low, small windows, toilet paper falls apart from a glance at her, and all sorts of water communications are often poor. Water from the tap, too, though officially recognized as suitable for drinking. If you have read about Verizon Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

But in Evian-liter bottle costs about a pound. In areas beyond the WC and EC, in the evening without impressive company is better to go without jewelry or ten pounds more expensive than producing the impression. Local people can not imagine life without gadgets and all sorts of vengeance profiteth Blackberry, iPods and sony Vaio, although in the latter case the logical expect widespread Macs. The concept of ‘local people’ includes representatives of all nations, and among them the British more than a third, the impression of London the capital of the world where everyone has a place and how could you not come this is normal. And it is remarkable: in once, no one questions you tormented the Second World War (Finnish fetish number one) or ask your opinion on what actually plays a role in Russia Medvedev (Fetish international). In London, finally, feel your own. The whole motley London people moved some common sentiments. For example, a strip with the first rays of the sun to shorts and T-shirts with degrees 12ti and radiantly smiling, happy pace in vetnamkah hawaianas, who are here are all the polls, regardless of age, income, and other items of clothing, selected for that day. (Lust can find shoes in Selfridges, Harrod’s and Sunday’s markets by 15-22 pounds per pair).

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