Schwachelndes Application Management In The Company

Ardour consulting study: Only a few companies give themselves good grades in the software management especially in the cost, service processes and the availability of business-critical applications Seeheim-Jugenheim there are problems, 01.06.2010 – application management in the companies struggling to respond to the requirements significantly increased in recent years with a reasonable quality of performance. The biggest problems see them according to a study commissioned by the ardour consulting group except for the efficiency in the design of needs-based service processes and performance management. “In the survey among more than 100 large and medium-sized companies, about half of the IT executives questioned stated that the requirements in the application management in the last five years increased significantly” are. Another 27 percent have found a slight increase, while about a quarter of lower or unchanged claims the speech. A rather critical self-assessment of the company stands however.

So is only “every seventh the top grade for the own performance, also the evaluation with a good” is performed only by 23 per cent. Almost three out of ten companies look at a mediocre level. More problematic is the situation in one-third of the companies surveyed. Because they believe that they can accommodate only insufficiently or not at all in software management. These results must make the company”very thoughtful, Judge Michael Maicher, Managing Director of ardour consulting group. The application management has enormous strategic importance for the positioning in the competition, because is there designed the base and get the mission-critical business processes are supported with quality.” For however often seem no favourable framework conditions to exist. Because from the perspective of the interviewed practitioners, the shoe pinches most the cost and economics. This is called by almost two-thirds as one of the core problems. On second The service processes will find place in the ranking of the difficulties, which is the responsible to confront.

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