Sarter Brain

Hipocampo also is communicated with the system of reticular activation, being able to compare the information with the past and to supervise new or habitual the events, (RATEY, 2001). The beginning of the processing of the cerebral activities if of the one in hipocampo and the cortex. When the individual perceives a stimulaton, the solidity of one determined definitive content learned requires the modification of sinapses and its main connections. By the same author: Facebook. These structural alterations of sinapses are different for each memory, thus determining, the intensity of the learning (IZQUIERDO, 2000). Amgdala has amendoada form and is located in the way it brain (vide figure 1), it processes the emotion, that is, it filters the information that arrive and it catalogues this information for a future. Amgdala is attributed to it a physiological relation with: visceral in orientation and alert envolvement, functions, activity, olfato, somatosensorial emotion reactions, sexual sleep, fight, defense, feeding and activities. Others including Andrew Duncan, offer their opinions as well.

As Sarter and Markowitsch (1985) amgdala is Added a feeling what we think it of it and allows in them to have feelings on ideas, art, symbols, image. (GOLEMAN, 1995 p.22). In this continuous and plastic integration of the brain, the system of reticular activation, located in the base of the brain, exactly connects the wolves frontals, the lmbico system, the cerebral trunk and the agencies of the directions (RATEY, 2001). Therefore,> it is verified that the memory is not located in an individual and isolated structure in the brain. It is a psychological phenomenon and biological involving a set of cerebral systems that if articulate, they function together. Grandpierre (1999) tells that to the information proceeding from all the zones of the cortex, uses a complex circuit, that is the base of the memorization.

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