Samuel Offers New Magazine To The Literature Selection

JURMEDIA provides reviews every two months and Samuel offers a new magazine estimates to content and use the latest literature, food, October 8, 2009 – with JURMEDIA immediately, lawyers and notaries. Technical information offering professional booksellers and lawyers researched provides lawyers every 2 months-crucial information to new, available literature, journals and databases. In contrast to standard catalog products JURMEDIA pre-selects the most important new releases and reissues from the flood of daily new juridical specialist literature. Soldan magazine provides this in-depth reviews of the literature and assessments of literature experts to content and benefits, not only to books but also to legal journals and Internet databases. Sorted according to topics JURMEDIA not only regularly and reliably informed about all directly deliverable title and assesses in detail the highlights of the month, but offers also a database report and a Journals overview to a particular area of law. JURMEDIA answered the basic questions of the lawyers in each issue: “what really important releases this month specifically for me and my subject come out? At what price, with the extent and by which authors? What does it say?” JURMEDIA it optimally supports the literature selection of lawyers and notaries. Soldan customers get free JURMEDIA in the introductory phase and save 30 euros compared to the regular subscription price.

Each title from JURMEDIA can be ordered directly from Samuel and is delivered usually within 3 days. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. The first 1000 receive a 10 euro-Soldan coupon customer for Office and Office needs. ( 100 years, Samuel is a reliable and fair partner of lawyers and notaries. This high level of expertise, deep industry knowledge and charitable commitment influence the work of the company.

The power spectrum of the Soldan GmbH includes a consistently on the needs of firms facing Include the range to the Office and Office needs, Office equipment, office stationery, consulting and technology training, legal literature, legal database, news and services, as well as research and promotion. Since the founding in 1908, Samuel had always the success and welfare of the profession of lawyers in the eye. In recent years the Hans Soldan has become strong foundation by granting subsidies to university institutions and institutions of the Prosecutor’s Office in the amount of EUR 14 million for the practice-oriented legal education and the training of Office staff. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly. The non-profit and independent Soldan Institute for lawyers management e. V. sees his task is to explore the structural development of the Prosecutor’s Office and the resulting conditions for a successful and future-oriented management of law firms.

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