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‘Wood plants’ in Sweden have renewable raw materials in the immediate vicinity of Dusseldorf, 15.02.2012. The underwriter green investors starts today the distribution of Sweden WoodEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG, a closed-end funds, neutral i will finance energy Sverige of the Swedish company CO2NE from the acquisition or the construction and operation of Swedish wood heating plants. Wood plants”in Sweden have renewable raw materials in the immediate vicinity and produce environmentally friendly and relatively simple, controllable technology. The base-load ability, so the independence of, for example, temperature, wind or sunlight plays an important economic role for us. In addition, that Sweden is one of the most economically, politically and socially stable countries in Europe is”, so the Board green investors, Ingo Soriano Eupen. Founder and Chairman of the Board of the CO2NE neutral energy operates Stefan Andersson, since the 1970s in Swedish renewable energy generation and one of the pioneers of the Industry.

The company is a member of the Swedish district heating Association since 2007 and has established an extensive network in the Swedish district heating market in recent years. Mr. Prof. Dr. Lars Stromberg took over the management of the Corporate Advisory Board, who worked until taking over this function in leading position in the management of the energy group Vattenfall, including Chief Technology Officer, as head of research & Development and Supervisory Board of several group companies. Professor Stromberg is among others Member of the Advisory Board of the International Energy Agency in Paris, Member of the World Energy Councils and Chairman of the Working Group of zero emission”of the European Commission in Brussels. An important factor”, as Soriano Eupen, is for us also, we next to the Swedish competence carriers with the PROLiGNIS energy consulting from Ingolstadt have also a German expert on Board that brings the experience of the development of wood heating plants with a project volume of more than 170 million in the team. More information under

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