Russian Regions

In search of investors by year-end, in the ranking, reflecting the "investment attractiveness" of Russian regions Kirov region takes 53rd place among 85 regions represented. It should be noted that during 2007, many developers, financial institutions, retailers, investment funds were active in conquest of the Kirov market. However, as the practice of negotiations, the expectations of potential investors, low prices in the Kirov region often do not coincide with the current proposals. For more specific information, check out VMWare Integrations. Head of Investment and innovation policy of the Department of Economic Development under the Government of the Kirov region, Sergei Tolstobrov. – The Government's Kirov oblast regional investment policy gives positive results.

If you look back, we can see that for the period from 2003 to 2005, investment in fixed assets had steady growth of 30 percent per year. In 2005, the region from all sources funding was utilized 17.09 billion rubles. According to operational data obtained by us, the amount of exploration investment in 2006 amounted to 24.9 billion rubles, or 132.8 per cent in a comparable assessment to the level of 2005. As for the past year, here able to maintain high growth rates of investment in fixed assets. The results of 11 months (January – November) showed that the investment was 24.6 billion rubles, or 42.9 percent more than the same period last year. Irina Makarova, head of the development of commercial projects companies' network of commercial real estate "investors, the area needed, but so far the market has formed a commercial and residential Property has already determined the price range and owners of facilities and land are willing to wait solvent buyer. .

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