Russian Knights

Maybe the scientists are right who claim that all the technological breakthroughs in the history of mankind are caused by wars. Indeed, almost all of the technologies developed for military use, but then moved into the peaceful area. We can say that the weapon has always been. Ever since man invented a stick tied to a piece of flint, there was a cold steel. True. It is not cold – it is rather a class of weapons of stabbing and cutting. Even the appearance of firearms has not resulted in the disappearance of knives, swords and other types of bladed weapons. But the real breakthrough came when it was invented by forging the metal.

At its core, the entire class of bladed weapons can be divided into the following types: the basic principle of nature inflicted wounds primeneniyapo uronapo and length – as a combat unit, and the handle. We all know what a sword. In fact, this is a universal military edged weapons able to put as chopping and cutting and piercing attacks. The shape of swords is highly dependent on geography and people who use them. For example, the northern nations, mostly used two-edged sword straight blade. But on East blade swords necessarily have curvature. It should be noted that the sword has a straight blade that requires a warrior is large enough force in the chop of the weight of the blade. At the same time, the use of Oriental curves calculated on the swords cut-and-cutting punch that really such a great power is not required. Melee weapons can also be divided into the following classes: short swords (more common in Greek and Roman culture) long swords (Germans Rusichi, Vikings), two-handed swords (the Crusaders, the Russian Knights of later times) Swords (Japan, Turkey, the Don Cossacks), Daggers (with a double-edged blade used by virtually all nations as additional weapons, and even shield) nozhimetatelnye knives (used to defeat the enemy at a distance, can not be folded)

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