Russia Bush

Venezuela had referendo yesterday to modify its constitution and Russia chose its parliament. Chvez and Putin are nationalists who benefit from the oil boom and have hit Washington. Putin obtained more from 60% of the Russian parliament but he constitutionally cannot go to a third mandate in the 2008, although he wants to take advantage of his triumph to look for some form to stay oneself as the leader of the country. Chvez had his first electoral defeat after ten elections where it always won. It will avoid to reelect itself indefinitely.

Washington will unfold an answer different for each from those cases. Before Russia Bush it will look for to avoid to go towards a new cold war but it will want to press to him so that liberalizes and stops coquetear as much with Iran. It knows that Putin is driving the market and that the Communists are their main rivals. However, Chvez is supported by Cuba and he raises to deepen the socialism and the anti-imperialism. Whereas Bush can negotiate with the putinistas he wanted to remove to Chvez, but he must see itself forced to look for legal forms to do it and to stop its expansion within his back patio . Original author and source of the article.

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