Roof Master

They are warmer than the 'one room'. Today's booth on the market are made of pine, larch less. Last cost factor in half more expensive, but lasts twice as long. On the other hand, the life of a standard booth pine is 10-12 years. Approximately the same amount on average live dog. Paul in the right booth must be wood, or in any way from stone or concrete.

Otherwise, the animal will earn arthritis. Ideal – the floor of the well-dried boards, fitted neck, like a yacht, that dog did not hurt his feet in the crevices. Paul has a small booth a good slope to the entrance-exit, to a dog house was easier to clean. By the way, the system should be concerned removal of melt and rain water. Otherwise, the boardwalk booths and aviary rot, and the dog get sick from the damp. Internal walls and ceiling booths process tools that protect the wood, veterinarians do not recommend – it is harmful to animals. Varnish, water-based floor and only the outer walls, which now tend to upholster clapboard.

Among the four-footed enough amateurs chew their own home – the entrance to expand or beautify teeth marks in the corners of the booth. This behavior, dog experts say, a consequence of poor parenting. To rid a dog of a bad habit, but at the same time to preserve intact his house, enough for two to three months to cover wood surfaces with a special solution – 'antigryzinom'. The solution was completely harmless, but has an unpleasant taste. Preventive measures should be repeated every two weeks. Kennel facilities with good, if the roof hut made of soft roofing materials, not of metal, for example. The dogs are afraid of echo become nervous from monotonous creaking. Although the choice of material for Roof Master booths left to the discretion of the customer.

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