Robert Sharna

Are already running the first years of the 21st century and still in the air, mixes reality and mythology… . That matter!, if at the end it’s compare and draw lessons from life – the Animal, one that spreads its vigorous and strong wings, with millions of mitochondria and Golgi apparatus, which scientifically distributed modern turbines, lifting flight and since air stare and attacking their prey, crosses heights winning the tops, believing goddess, but biology – in your caso-no falls surrendered to his triumphsto his wisdom, his force joins weather, climates, to the vicissitudes and will undermine a few and when least expect it the a dispossession which flees in tatters, tops nor remember it already, airs have forgotten him, their prey make a mockery and each day more old specimen is turned into a heap of cells and tissues filled with desmoplasianot serve either for a trolley broth and less to smuggle their diseased BLACK MARKETS in organs, which without penalty or glory will continue to its sullen until as feast route of carrion… To read more click here: Gary Kelly. .the yesterday will not be nor memory and the echo of the words of Robert Sharna who will cry when you die? will burn you few detritus that left the Vanidoso yesterday ended up victim of his own foolishness, he flew as high as he could and by the heavens he never found God is that I have no soul! – repeated – No matter: find it!-implored you God is also for animals like you! – gave force – but at the end it ended up in the intestines and the cloaca of scavengers and never found with God. Faithful, copy machine, copy the animal industry, with more defects than virtues, also crosses the air believing God, also stare their prey in the terminals, soaked vanity, more take early end up as a pile of steaming scrap, with smell of erythrocytes and carne asada, that neither the more unfortunates will want to withdraw from the Woods, also curse her by murdering their shoots that purifying the air and if you’re lucky does luck? – repeated the fish – will go to the bottom of the sea, converted into metal planters of mosses and plankton. Sad end of two animated and inanimate figures, pull you Its conclusions..

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