Road Wires

Another way to keep silence the siren – this is the drive current such we use computers, in case of blackouts or cutting the wires. Siren hide in the attic, to the maximum limit your access to it. That is to turn off the siren of a thief should do a lot of action, jump over the fence, cut the wire, the siren is not silent, the wires were "blende" original wires securely hidden electrician, or worked the drive current, and to reach the pole and bite wires, a thief can not because of technical equipment. Next, you need to climb on attic and off the siren, but even then a barrier to the attic just do not get, something has to be first to crack, as time goes on! Fence effectively strengthen the barbed wire "Razor" is a helically coiled wire with tempered core and galvanized barbed spines. Overcoming such obstacles is not easy, moreover, will spend valuable time and need some additional tools. The following discussion focuses on "blendes, we often see the signboard shall be protected Police on the fence, dummy cameras include light at the cottage at night, such methods are also effective, but more likely to stray thieves. The most effective way to mock a metal block with built-in yellow light bulb, blinks continuously, with built-in battery in case of blackouts. Hung on the front attic, as high as possible so that it can be seen from the road and then sign with the inscription "House under guard gsm alarm system with the support rapid response team "will become more efficient! The method of poisoning vodka, bear traps, the current over the fence, etc. We recommend that you do not! Firstly it is a professional offense, and secondly on moral principles, in the third, if it is does not work, your house will burn more in retaliation. We wish you success in preserving the property!

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