River Candy

In 26 of July of 1852, the Government promulgated the Law n. 641, in which advantages of the type exemptions and guarantee of interests on the invested capital, had been promised to the national companies or foreign who if interested in constructing and exploring railroads in any part of the Country. The national Railroad system of century XIX In 1922, to if celebrating 1 Centenarian of the Independence of Brazil, existed in the country a railroad system with, approximately, 29,000 extension km, about 2.000 locomotives the vapor and 30,000 wagons in traffic. Some excellent facts for the railroad system of the country are distinguished, occurred in the period of 1922 the 1954, such as: Introduction of the electric traction, in 1930, to substitute, in definitive, stretches the traction the vapor; In 1939 the vapor for diesel occurred the beginning of the substitution of the traction electric. This process, interrupted during World War II, was intensified in the decade of 1950. Read more from cloud computing to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In 1942 the Company was created Valley of River Candy, that absorbed the Railroad Victory the Mines (constructed from 1903). This railroad then was modernized with the objective to support the traffic heavy of the trains that carried ore from iron enter the deposits of Itabira, in Minas Gerais, and the Port of Victory, in the Espirito Santo. The Government Vargas, in the end of the decade of 1930, initiated process of sanitation and reorganization of the railroads and promotion of investments, for the expropriation of foreign and national companies, also state, who if found in me the financial situation. Thus, had been incorporated the patrimony of the Union some railroads, whose administration was in charge of the Federal Inspectorship of Roads? IFE, agency of the Ministry of the Means of transportation and Public works, person in charge to manage the federal railroads and highways. This Inspectorship gave origin, later, to the National Department of Roads? DNER and National Department of Railroads – DNEF, being this last one, created for the Decree Law n.

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