Risktaking Market

Assumption of risk, means accepting the consequences of your results without emotional discomfort or fear. This means that you are thinking about trade and your relationship with the market in a way that, if improperly decisions, loss, omission or loss does not include your internal defense mechanisms and thus do not remove you from the stream. Sheryl Sandberg shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. There is no benefit from the fact that when you run the risk, you are afraid of the consequences, because your fears will affect your perception of information and your behavior, that ultimately will make you go through the same experience that you were afraid. There is a definite strategy, consisting of a set of beliefs that will keep you focused and in flow and out flow. From this point of view, you will not try to get something from the market or to avoid something. Rather, you allow the market to turn around, and you'll be available and open to opportunities in the market to use in their own interests, regardless of how you define for themselves the possibilities.

When you are available and open to opportunities in their own interests, you may not impose restrictions or expectations on the market, regardless of whether he was going to do. However, during the movement, the market creates certain conditions that you define, and feel as possible. You respond to the opportunities that you see fit, but Your mood does not depend on whether the market has realized the possibility or not. If you can create a mood, which does not affect the behavior of the market, the fight is over. When the internal struggle is over, trade will much easier. In this case, you can realize the full potential of your skills and analytical abilities.

Need to learn: 1. to open the bargains do not necessarily know what will happen 2. happen, can Anything 3. every moment is unique, every result – a unique experience. Trade or work for you or not, in any case, you must wait for an opportunity to enter the market will again. With this approach, it becomes clear that works in the market and what is not. 4. learn to trust yourself and do not suffer from the unpredictability of the market.

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