Rio Grande

Until the end of century XVIII, the South Region was inhabited for aboriginal peoples catequisados by Spanish Jesuits, being distinguished the Seven Peoples of the Missions, whose history comes being assimilated from few years. The Rio Grande Do Sul was bordering region to the situated Spanish domnios in the region platinum and for being outside of the Treat one to Tordesilhas, never it are a Hereditary Captainship. However, since century XVI, the Rio Grande Do Sul already consisted of the Portuguese maps with the name of Captainship d? El-King, because Portugal had desires to extend its domnios until the estuary of the River of the Silver, even because, in century XVII, the bandeirantes covered the region in search of treasures and enslaving indians. In recent months, baby clothes has been very successful. Thus, the Portuguese Crown elaborated a Regal Letter dividind0 it in two captainships that went of Lagoon until the River of the Silver, and it donated to the Visconde de Asseca and the Joo to them Leather strap of S, whose validity was fortified by the papal brief papal Romani Pontificis Pastoralis Solicituto, with the creation of the bispado one of Rio De Janeiro. In the Rio Grande Do Sul, the Spanish Jesuits had created next missions to the river Uruguay, but, in 1680, they had been expulsos, when the Portuguese Crown assumed its domain, establishing the Colony of the Sacrament. In the sequncia, the Spanish Jesuits had established the Seven Peoples of the Missions, in 1687. In 1737, Portugal sent a military expedition commanded by Brigadier General Jose Da Silva Parents to guarantee the ownership of conquered lands. To be successful, it the same constructed in year a fort in the bar of the Lagoon of the Ducks, origin of the city of Rio Grande, starting point for the Portuguese settling in the Rio Grande Do Sul. In 1742, they had constructed the village that would be later Porto Alegre. In 1801, the south-riograndenses had dominated the Seven Peoples of the Missions, incorporating them it the Brazilian territory and raising them it captainship, with headquarters located in Viamo.

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