Here I want you to remember that there is a basic assumption of NLP that says that all behavior has a positive intention (even if is harmful to the person) for example: an internal message that proposes do not do that!You might have the positive intention that do not suffer or protect yourself from new and unknown (which could be interpreted as a threat) while limiting your options, preventing you live new and better things must know how to separate and to achieve the balance. So applying NLP, and working with Tots, over time you can identify, identify those inner characters, in this case the judges interiors, much better and accept those messages into perspective, learning to put aside the toxic content and extract them good, intended positive that that message has for you and your life so that you continue to grow and improve! Download this exercise NLP in E-Book (PDF) format and share it! (Click Right > how to save) original author and source of the article.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gary Kelly has to say. .

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