Respecting Authority

the world slept, many relatives, friends and colleagues, traveling and did not know my parents, my sisters were monitoring for Mobile … Allegiant Air can aid you in your search for knowledge. Marujita My Daughters and waited outside, dreaming of a happy morning left the old scar , fibrous, bonded, dehiscent followed by the line entering Alba, along the navel, pierced the right flank, taking the form of Jack … "J" cut is usually the right subcostal. Then dissected by planes into the abdominal cavity Coping with backfat thickness, and calcining some rebels opened the parietal peritoneum vessels, they found no implant, as some said mournfully CT reports, there was no ascites and what we imagine, eating the aftermath of previous laparotomies: The dense and extensive adhesions, which hampered their long hepatectomy! Calmly, slowly I'm in a hurry!, Reminded Napoleon Then came the Liver, smiled and said in a firm voice and martial ranging Forward Uds. A Noble kill and a Body Good! "Reminding the CHE, and with scrupulous respect, cutting the round ligament, then to 2 or 3 cm. of the liver above, the Authority smile … Keep! – he said, "and continued with Triangular ligament section, the Body Noble showed them the confluence of the hepatic veins in the Cava Supra, to respect the anatomical landmarks …

then started dissection of Calot triangle, they identified the cystic hilum dissected, identifying the vessels and bile ducts friend told What is your last wish? Save Dr. Miguel! – told with aplomb … "deserves to live," Joseph Carlos and his team looked at him with respect and admiration.

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