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Intercultural management Gottingen, January 18, 2010 in multinational companies need to act staff in intercultural settings. They work in teams with colleagues from all over the world or be deployed for a period of time in a foreign subsidiary. As expatriates, they work on-site and are required at multiple levels: not only the technical but also the intercultural competence counts. Intercultural management involves the conscious use of intercultural ways of thinking and action in the global workday. This means that all levels of the company to what cultural influences have individual employees and how to create the interaction sensitive attention to.

The biggest problem area represents clearly the verbal and non-verbal communication. Appointments, meetings, price negotiations, etc. are culture-specific differently designed and this often leads to misunderstandings. Strategically makes sense the intercultural is selected so management by posting intercultural such as building a corporate culture appropriate to the country’s culture in the subsidiary guarantees competent specialists and executives. The purpose of intercultural management that should be also clearly implement the parent company into the subsidiary’s corporate culture with adequate resources.

Discrepancies are crucial here and help that even today many joint ventures fail. The results show that cultural decisively characterizes the corporate culture and the preferred style of leadership, the international study of the GLOBE (global leadership and organizational behavior effectiveness program), as particularly valid and representative can apply with a huge database of over 17,000 respondents managers. The constant growth of problem awareness of the intercultural communication aspect to evaluate is positive. Small and medium-sized companies can respond as well as global players with the training of its employees. They send them to intercultural training or trained multipliers within the framework of in-house training of human Resources Department out Act. The training of intercultural trainers (m/w) in 5 modules “IKUD is the ideal training for staff in companies that want to offer in-house training in the connection or to seminars. Intercultural management can only work if conveyed at all levels of intercultural competence within the company….

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