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Also small rainforest plots are extremely important. While mainly large, contiguous rain forest areas were regarded as valuable and worthy of protection, a recent study now shows that even small rain forest plots are extremely important and worthy of protection. As German researchers in the nine years of investigations, discovered in a Kenyan forest, often in small, human-influenced parts of forest ecosystems can work well. As lead author of the study, and his colleagues at the climate Matthias somewhat, found Research Center in Frankfurt am Main that ecosystem functions such as seed propagation remain stable also in forest plots, in which trees are selectively harvested. Thus human intervention and in particular the selective harvesting single trees not necessarily harmful affect on the okoystem forest.

Details of the English-language study, see study: ForestFinance forests create new Habitat for many rare species: the positive impact ecological Working allotments also a study showed the Technical University of Munich, which was carried out in the tropical forests of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance. Studies on the spreading mechanisms of plant species in showed that 90 percent of the species found are spread by animals. This corresponds to the distribution structure of natural ecosystems, and shows that the ForestFinance stocks represent an accepted Habitat for animals. The University of Panama, which monos, one of the oldest ForestFinance in the Finca Los identified forests, ten species which appear in the red list of Panama’s, scientists confirmed this. Fifteen species of the red list were counted among the observed species, including a monkey is threatened with extinction. This success is based in the fact that ForestFinance instead of clearcutting large areas relies on the careful, selective harvest of hardwood trees. In addition, existing remnants of forest and natural forest cells be integrated when the stocks in the plantations. More than 15 percent of the Surfaces protect nature, far more than the FSC certification required.

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