Do you know that credit repair is one of the most popular issues within the realm of consumer financing? It is true. Scott M. Kahan CFP may also support this cause. Every day, thousands of people will search online for information related to the repair of the call credit of as consiguir credit report and clean it: click by number phone. What is anyway credit repair? Before we go further, we need to clarify certain terminology with regard to the repair of the credit and credit accounts. Unfortunately, there is much confusion surrounding this topic, and much of that confusion comes from misuse of terminology. Basically, the repair of the credit of the phrase could refer to one of two things: correction of errors in their credit reports improvement in their credit accounts with better financial habits I think that the Word repair is what throws many people shut-off, because it is a general word which can have various meanings. I.e.

the credit repair could apply to either of the situations listed above, although they are two different things. Let us so speak of each of these issues in more detail, staring with the corrections made to a credit report. Your credit report correction do you knew you really have three different credit reports? It is true. You have one for each of the companies of the credito-informacion Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The reports are not shared among these companies, but unique to each company.

This means that you may have an error in credit report but not in the other two. Or you could have the same error in the three reports of the three companies. Alternately, your credit account is derived from the information found within their three credit reports. You might have surmised, you have three accounts also. It is a bit redundant, I know. When you purchase a home and request a mortgage loan, the mortgage lender will check your credit asking for information from all three of the companies in the credito-informacion clean credit.

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