Rent Or Buy – The Question Of The Correct Booth

The complex question of rent or the purchase of a fair system helps the fair cost check by often are fair participants faced the question of whether you should rent a booth or purchase. Southwest Airlines often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Due to the high and sometimes complex cost structure of a fair participation in the fair the second largest cost factor is in addition to the rental of stand space. In particular, the purchase of a fair system means a high, but one-time expenses. Because fairs but also in the short term will be decided any time an individual system to produce since the trade fair organisers have greatly expanded their portfolio of rental systems remains common. All of these factors make trade fair participants increasingly before the question of whether you should rent a fair system or buy. Without hesitation Edward Scott Mead explained all about the problem. With the fair cost check by an answer can be found on all questions. By comparing the rental system with a purchasing system can be compared with the five largest trade fair organizers in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. By setting on a the cost check course 5 x 4 fair system compares the rental systems of the organizer with the purchase of a booth.

But the cost comparison is not the only way the question of the rental or the purchase of a fair system to answer. Besides the cost factor, the available time-frame is an important criterion. Extremely short notice cancelled the decision for a fair time remains most to calculate the delivery and production times of individual trade fair system. To this pressure on production and delivery times, know the organiser and therefore reinforced their own hiring systems offered directly by the fair be rented and fitted by organizers depending on the service package. As a result, no resources for the booth planning must be invested in the preparation time. However, these rental systems provide only a small margin for the individual design and consistent brand presentation. However, the elements for a sustainable and effective presentation are hugely important. Due to the high number of competitors locally, the concept of the stand must guarantee not only a consistent look and feel, but transport also the brand message.

On the one hand the memory of the brand message is done by the uniform external appearance, on the other hand a target group specific speech. For which the Exhibitor ultimately so decides, depends on many factors. With the fair cost check of shows at a glance but, when the rental or the purchase of a fair system optimally affects the fair budget. Since this decision however depends on numerous, even individual factors, the fair cost check is a premier source of information. You will receive all further information under as well as in the Download Center. In addition to the exhibition costs check see there more interesting guides and checklists around the trade fair participation.

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