Reliable Banks

It was the time that gave to keep money under of the mattress. Nowadays, it is very better to place it in a bank and to go removing to the few. It are this, the majority of the companies makes the payment of the employees with deposits in its respective banking accounts. If applied well, the money can until relieving in the bank. To open account is not nothing complicated.

First, she is necessary to know the types of account that exist before carrying through any operation. Three types of account are between the main ones: the account of saving deposit, the account of at sight deposit and the count-wage. The account saving is that one where the money of the person is kept and relieves a percentage every month. This account makes with that the people are stimulated to keep money, because they receive more if they do not move it. Already against the account of at sight deposit, the money of the person is available to be removed at any time. This is the account most used in Brazil. In the count-wage the person only possesss control on the flow of dedicated resources to the balances, retirements, payments, pensions, etc. In it the transaction with checks is not allowed.

Now that you already have knowledge on the three main types, already can open account bank. For this it is necessary that you search before on the banks that more interest to it. It looks for to inquire itself on the services of the institutions, in order to choose optimum bank for you. After to define in which bank you desire to open the account, you are enough to go until a bank agency of its city. Before going to the chosen agency, he separates necessary documents that they will be asked for to open an account in the bank. Documents of identification as the R.G or the Wallet of Qualification must be taken. Moreover, the bank will be able to demand a residence voucher and its CPF. For the case of legal people, she will be obligator the presentation of a document of company constitution, CNPJ and some document that the opening of the account authorizes. With all the had documents in hands, you will be able to go until the bank of its preference and to carry through the operation. It certifys of that the bank is a serious company and insurance, that gives the services with quality, therefore is its money that will be deposited and managed for this institution. He is intent also to the documents that they will ask for to it to sign. Before placing its signature in any paper, it reads it with attention and it looks for to understand all the item indicated in the document. In this form the obligations and rights are contained all, as much its as of the bank also. It still demands of the bank cards, checks and the security against fakes and possible robberies.

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