In connection with the award of a firmware password, a Mac protected by the RegTrack software can also effectively be protected against the reinstallation of the operating system. Then, only the exchange of disk helps what should significantly exceed the abilities of most thieves. Should appoint a workshop so that a thief or fence, there will be also problems for the unauthorized owners: registration of all computers in the for RegMan property database with the RegTrack software (currently more than 100,000. Entries), can be stolen at any time identified by the serial number and contacted the owner. The registration and verification of serial numbers for RegMan works since 2008 with GRAVIS, Germany’s leading Apple retailer. Although the MacBook Apple computer so far still not enabled by default with GPS chips equipped for satellite navigation are, the positioning of RegTrack currently achieved an accuracy of a few 100 meters, depending on the the in range Wi-Fi networks, which are used as reference points for the localization. To secure the information collected against unauthorized access of third parties, developed a consistent encryption concept. Only authorized persons who have a personal PIN code, can decrypt the information collected on the RegTrack server and retrieve.

The team around Managing Director Heiko Pohlmann is focused on procedures and standards, which are already successfully used in online banking. Robert Gibbins may find this interesting as well. “A simple combination of username and password seemed not sure enough when it comes to the data of our customers”, explains Heiko Pohlmann, who already worked in senior position in the E-Commerce of the Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, as well as in online marketing at Volkswagen before 2008 self-employed for RegMan GmbH. We are happy to be able to offer a solution from Germany with RegTrack, which both “with the features offered, as well as with the underlying processes and safety standards will set standards”, so Heiko Pohlmann, and on: alone the possibility that our users want to install them as from a modular system itself can decide which modules on your computer, our software compared to solutions already on the market, makes unique. ” It clinched the support of a strong partner which in addition will support the classic online sales via the website through actions in the retail and mail order sales. The for RegMan GmbH will announce only the exact functionality, distribution channels, as well as the sale price, for publication in March. The goal is within a very short time to become a market leader in the Macintosh market and to develop additional versions, which can then be controlled under a single interface in the Web for other operating systems based on the present development.

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