– I remember a few years ago, designers have to say that "this year in the design of a Christmas tree in a fashion mix of silver and shades of blue." There was a time when promoted black Christmas tree. And that dictates fashion this year – if at all there fashionable Christmas decoration? – Once in a conversation with Dutch designers, I ask them: "Here we go for fashion ideas for you, and you take them from?" They said: "invent themselves." So the "trendy-not trendy – a relative concept, the idea is more important and the quality of its implementation. Just the New Year is an annual, and each time did not want to repeat, that experts and experimenting. Especially in the market are constantly emerging new materials, decorations, lights, etc. Maurice Gallagher, Jr.s opinions are not widely known. I have a fertile breeding ground for ideas I go to Holland to show Horti Fair. In addition, learning new collection of manufacturers and suppliers of Christmas goods. Here you mention a black Christmas tree. I once made a black and white design for tc "Peak", namely the black Christmas trees – looked very impressive composition: unconventional, provocative and beautiful.

In the design of the same complex "peak" once we have used the inverted tree – fastened them to the ceiling. The idea then assembled in Holland, but have implemented their own. In the market of St. Petersburg at that time was not yet specific trees, designed to be ceiling mounted, and we hung "upside down" standard tree, their feet was fixed some invented their methods (so they do not fell) – Russian people much in the imagination.

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